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Principles of Community

At Girard College, we are committed to creating a supportive, inclusive, and diverse learning community that advances the College’s mission.

Girard College is built on respect, responsibility, integrity, self-discipline, and compassion for one another.

A fundamental principle of the Girard College community is trust. All members of our community – students, teachers, administrators, parents and alumni – should consider and account for the moral and legal implications of their conduct, have the courage to do what is right, and accept responsibility for their actions.

As such all members of the Girard College Community are expected to:

  • Exhibit respect and courtesy towards others
  • Take responsibility for consistently striving for excellence in academics and citizenship
  • Show integrity by honoring commitments, while demonstrating honesty in all aspects of their daily lives.
  • Demonstrate self-discipline by exhibiting self-control, grit and reaching for positive personal goals
  • Display compassion, empathy and appreciation of individual and cultural differences.
  • Follow one’s moral compass by exhibiting courage, empathy, compassion and generosity of spirit
  • Strive for inclusiveness by avoiding cliques and elitism
  • Discourage and refrain from abuse, bullying and harassment.
  • Reject superficiality, materialism and a sense of entitlement
  • Work together to find commonalities and resolve disagreements amicably
  • Promote healthy habits through lifestyle choices - and by rejecting illegal or abusive drugs and alcohol use
  • Promote citizenship and advance the greater good for our community and the world around us
  • Actively engage in the life of the College by supporting Girard’s programs and personnel
  • Understand and embrace the College’s mission and vision and work together as partners to educate our students
  • Communicate openly, honestly and constructively with each other and at the appropriate level and, following such dialogue, abide by the School’s decision
At Girard College we believe that a diverse and inclusive community is a learning environment that prepares our students for the world they will face upon completion of our program. We desire a community in which a diverse population can live and work in an atmosphere of trust, understanding, appreciation and mutual respect for each individual. We reject all prejudices, particularly those based on race, ethnicity, national origin, culture, religion, socioeconomic status, gender, learning styles, disability, age, or sexual orientation.
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